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Synerative is a transparent playground backed by adiem . 


From a current view (call it capitalism, game A, etc) we live in times where computer's capacity to make use of the available information increase rapidly in quality and decrease in price. The only differentiable asset will be our deeper layers of data, wrapped in an increasingly outer and more complex  context. These Assets should be capable to generate an income for each of us. With the help of AIs processing power and hopefully wise humans to drive them, these Assets will be able to generate an aggregated up-spiral for us and the nature around. We named these Assets as Bio-Generative. 

Business models will have to change in order to transcend this human-AI symbiosis. Ideally, we should all be involved in a sort of synergic, circular process where one would be simultaneously and in balanced proportions owner, executive and end-customer. In multiple ventures at once. 

From a trans-perspective, game B, integrative view there is a possibility we are able to use the machine power to enhance our potential from within by expanding both our intuition and wisdom in a comprehendible way. We ideate and create here a new form of alphabet which, while building it, potentially will shape ourselves into beings with much expanded spheres of cognitive and affective empathy.


The entire Framework is founded on Adiem tech infrastructure. More about the company on 

Frontend-wise, people bio-connect and interact using the Adiem mobile & wearable & web Apps. (currently only available for Applewatches series 4 or later).

Adiem app is in early beta, which means that things may change, break and improve in the coming months.

Data is currently processed on an AWS infrastructure with plans to evolve into a hybrid architecture with blockchain complementarities.


Our focus is to reveal the deeper layers of human communication, enhance deep understanding of trans perspective views and create the conditions for an upper spiral of potentiality and beauty to emerge.

Why communication?

Because we believe Human-to-Human communication is the biggest challenge of the coming decades. Communication was never easy but now it becomes a survival ability as we suffer a mutation. AIs tech accelerates all minds to ingest more data. In a sophisticated, hyperconnected, multi polar and multi cultural world. We need more cognitive empathy as we become more specialised in individual niches. We have to share increasingly more different abstract concepts. We also need more affective empathy as we have to share emotions carved in very diverse individual life stories and cultures.

The challenge is that empathy needs a lot of cognitive resources and attention to run. Both limited by human design and in high scarcity today. 


Maybe there is a reason why Aliens do not speak so much in SF movies. Our vision is for a world where we speak less and understand more. We'll live surrounded by bio-feedback-driven companions, mediums and experiences facilitating to move our thoughts efficiently. We named them Angels of Empathy. Everything laying between and around us becomes an angel of authentic communication gently guiding our subconscious toward more balanced and integrative views. But how?

We designed a wearable app who measure Empathy (individual ability to understand each other) and Resonance (a newer word for trust, as a measure of our shared empathy). More communication metrics to come. Both Empathy and Resonance have a signature within the heart beat and we can measure the strength of that signature. With Adiem wearable apps we can measure them from an objective perspective through heart-connected Sessions. These Sessions are capturing a slice of our inside (biometrics) and outside (context) data. An observable heart synapse. These are the building blocks of our our own Bio-Generative Assets


Currently, the digital products and services we develop are named Angels (of Empathy) and are falling in three Classes based on their design:

  • Synesthetic Arts and Products: stimulate our senses and provide synesthetic experiences. They aim to increase sensitivity and empathy, and promote resonant interactions in individual and collective settings. Could be visual, acoustic, linguistic, tactile, olfactory or else. More on

  • Companions : some Angels are more oriented to the right hemisphere of our brains analyzind data such as language, prosody, heart beats and more and assist us in hot to better communicate at a rational level.​

  • Evidence Based Therapies : Some Angels can become recognized as a digital therapies, thus must undergo validation through scientific and clinical means. This process requires predictive data validating a hypothesis. An example of such Angels is our Keller, a Haptic Companion which showed an increase in Cognitive Empathy in a recent small batch study. 


Each Angel of Empathy acts as an independent business with different Founders sharing the same vision and complementary passions. 

If you find your abilities in this list you might consider to become an AoE Founder and join others in designing and building an Angel of Empathy.  If your magic is not on the list but you sill think can contribute to enhance human communication, don't be shy and add it.  

Contact us at

What's your passion?

Thank You ! Your magic is at warp speed to us!

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