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There is a chance we live in a digital universe.


The simulation hypothesis proposes that what humans experience as reality is actually a digitally simulated reality. Similar to a computer simulation in which humans themselves are constructs in a big computational machine. The "pixels" though are very small. (smaller than Planck units).

Stephen Wolfram, computer scientist, Nick Bostrom, philosopher at Oxford, John C Lilly, physician and psychoanalyst, Donald Hofmann, cognitive scientist, Elon Musk and many other dead or alive figures believe this theory. New scientific observations made by our team colleague Melvin Vopson are under peer reviews to underline that we live in a simulated reality with at least one rule: information entropy decreases in time, as opposed to mass entropy which increases in time.

If so, nobody knows what the purpose of this simulation is. And maybe we will never find out. Could be another religion with God as an algorithm. In the quest of trying to meet our God there is a chance to find clues. The clues can be found in the way digital (software) and biological (humans) forms of energy collide.  


adiem is a game we propose to play to make (1) observations and (2) use the observations to make our life more happy and interesting. 

During the game, you own and drive a bio-digital model of yourself (aka Halo) which is heart connected with you in real time via adiem app. 

During heart connected sessions in adiem, your Halo interacts with real life data around you.

The "collision" between your Halo and real life is observed, measured and interpreted in beautiful and meaningful ways by Angels.  


Angels are essentially mobile, wearable and web apps sharing the user login and backend infrastructure with adiem (to train the Halo) but can evolve as separate business entities, each one deal with a particular interpretation about the data.

The Meta approach but without us going to the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship).


During the game, your Halo will interact with real life data and these data "collisions" will get observed and interpreted by Angels who analyse how your heart data interacts with other data and creates patterns which are revealed to you.

Angels could be as abstract as a generative art or as concrete and practical in our life as as an evidence-based therapy.

Currently, Angels and are falling in three categories based on their design:

  • Generative Arts and Products: stimulate our senses and provide synesthetic experiences. They aim to increase sensitivity and empathy, and promote resonant interactions in individual and collective settings. Could be visual, acoustic, linguistic, tactile, olfactory or else. 

  • Companions : some Angels are more oriented to the right hemisphere of our brains analyzing data such as language, prosody, heart beats and more and assist us in hot to better communicate at a rational level.​

  • Evidence Based Therapies : Some Angels can become recognized as a digital therapies, thus must undergo validation through scientific and clinical means. This process requires predictive data validating a hypothesis. An example of such Angels is "Adam", a Haptic Companion which showed an increase in Cognitive Empathy, Stress Relief, Sleep and more in a recent small batch study. 


On the deepest, most abstract levels, the interactions between your Halo and the Angels reveal patterns with no apparent meaning like patterns of synchronicity or asynchronicity of your unique heart-generated bits interacting with the contextual-bits of data around. Or in other words patterns of entropy increase or decrease. We capture these patterns and reveal them in beautiful forms of generative art: visual, acoustic or haptic. 

Your passive role is to enjoy them (or wear them)

Your active role is to observe these individual or collective patterns and find out correlations with what we call real world. Your real world. It is a game which in a sense reassembles Plato's "Allegory of the cave" but in digital format and 2,500 years later. Or you can look at these interaction like the individual human version of the Hadron Collider. Instead of colliding mass particles we collide your information particles with the ones around you.

On higher levels, more concret and practical, your Halo can interact with Angels that make use of existing meaningful patterns that take form of digital therapies or companions which not only can measure and label patterns (e.g. communication patterns such as empathy or resonance or emotions) but can and also affect these patterns using generative inputs, trained in bio-feedback data loops. Some of the Angels generate data that is peer reviewed by academic and scientific teams to build up evidence-based layers of observation. 

Long term, all our interactions with Angels train our unique, individual human model.


Synerative is a next-gen Studio backed by adiem to create Angels.

We invite creators such as data scientists and engineers, designers, code artists, health gurus, storytellers, game and film animators to design and code Angels.



New factory model. We are operating on a project-to-project basis in both centralised or decentralised guild formats.

Each Angel acts as an independent business with different Founders sharing the same vision and complementary passions. 

If you find yourself inspired you might consider become an Angel Founder and join others in designing and building one.  If your magic is not on the list but you sill think can contribute to enhance human communication, don't be shy and add it.  


Wanna join? Contact us at


Our goal is to empower individuals to discover the game of life.


By playing this game, they will also define the digital models that truly represent them, graduating from a metaphorical university of simulation. These models, built from a unique inside-out perspective, will allow people to improve their lives by sharing or renting them to entities that contribute positively to their existence. Unlike external models, ours honour and follow the path of our biological evolution, ensuring a more authentic and personalized digital existence.

What's your passion?

Thank You ! Your magic is at warp speed to us!

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