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 Limited number of pieces 



Aquarelle Angel of Empathy is based on a model that calculates the amplitude between the values of beats per minute in a session and assigns a palette of 3 colours found in Vincent van Gogh's painting 'Starry Night' for low, medium, and high. Each RGB value is calibrated with the empathy calculated during the session by Adiem. 

The higher the Empathy level  measured in heartbeat signal the brighter the colours. 

To mint yours check the HOW CAN I JOIN? steps below.


Art & Architecture


generative art, visual, picture, recorded, The Starry Night, Vincent van Gogh



Download adiem AppleWatch app and start a heart connected session. By the end of the session check your inbox for an email with a link to your Private Dashboard where you can:


  • Download the generative compositions your heart created and enjoy them as profile pictures or print them on stuff on

  • Mint them on-chain and use them as art memories of the moment, heartfelt gift or Twitter Profile's NFT. See minted assets so far. 


You will have to buy your Access Pass from within your Private Dashboard to unlock the minting function.


Check this video for inspiration​



Share your inner emotional state through expanded visual means. Consistent exposure to these alternative methods can assist in revealing concealed patterns of communication and moods, to the extent that some individuals may be able to discern their emotional state from the visual representation. 


In our current world, which is an evolving blend of physical and digital domains, these expressions can be integrated into both domains as : reels, profile pictures, prints,  tattoos, clothing impressions, personal branding or heartfelt gifts for loved ones.


Perceiving hidden organic signals such as the heart beat, through an additional sensory route such as visual, acoustic or haptic creates a synesthetic experience. Synesthesia is a perceptual phenomenon in which unified stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to involuntary experiences in other sensory or cognitive pathways. ​

Audiences of such art are exposed to synesthetic experiences expanding and training their individual and collective senses into becoming more empathetic as individuals and more coherent as a community. 

Repetitive exposure to alternative sensorial routes can train into identify hidden patterns of communication and moods to the degree that some people could recognize the state/mood/vibe from the visual sound or touch.


If you want to mint your heart generative assets on chain, you have to acquire an access pass token from within your private dashboard.


Access Passes

SynRoot Holders: free mint + gas fee

Public Mint : 0,03 ETH + gas fee

Royalties: 20% at resale on Opensea

Max mints allowed per wallet: 10 

Bio-Generative Assets 

only possible to create BGAs from user account area.You need to be a registered adiem App user and hold an Aquarel Acces Pass Token

Max mints allowed per wallet: unlimited 

Mint price : free + gas fee

Royalties: 10% at resale on Opensea



0.03 ETH*


*free for SYNT Holders


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