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KELLER is a Haptic Agent of Empathy. It's named after Hellen Keller, first deafblind person in the United States to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. Agent trained to stimulate higher levels of cognitive empathy using rhythmic sequences delivered at wrist using the haptic engine of the watch. 

You need adiem App and one HPTC Access token to participate in this Collection as a Data Founder and invest your data in a potential digital therapy. 

In case hypotheses is validated you become Data Founder and receive a perpetual income.

Soon here our first study "Impact of Vibrotactile stimulation on prosocial behaviour"

A frequency is defined as the number of times a periodic phenomenon occurs within a time interval - simply visualized as a wave. Algocardiogram is a generative data visualization script that creates a wave pattern from your heart rate. Inspired by the electrocardiogram machines used in the medical industry, but with an algorithmic twist. It is a mathematical interpretation of your BPM over time. During an Adiem session, your heart rate is recorded. The resulting list is fed into the algorithm, which generates a unique wave pattern based on the data values, as well as the overall amount of data. The more your heart rate changes over time, the more interesting the resulting pattern will be. Some good ways to change your heart rate are exercise or meditation.


Scheduled for: Q1 2024



0.01 ETH*


*free if you own a SYNT token

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