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坐禅の要とされる「非思量」という仏教用語があります。考えることから生まれる”とらわれ”を捨て、真理と一体になることを言います。人間は年を重ねると考えが先行ししまいそのままを見る/体感するが難しくなってしまいます。feelback では、 心臓の記録から生まれる映像、音響のfeed back 構造に身を委ねることで自分「そのもの」をみつめる体験を提供します。

There is a Buddhist term "non-thought"(非思量) that is the key to zazen.It means throwing away the "trap" that comes from thinking and becoming one with the truth.As people get older, their thoughts take precedence and it becomes difficult to see/experience them as they are.”Feelback” provides an experience of looking at yourself "as is" by surrendering yourself to the visual and acoustic feedback structure generated from the recording of your heart.



This collection has a limited number of 108 pieces. 


Each one can accommodate multiple people in a synchronized experience. 

Each heart-connected person is visually represented by a new collour, vibrating live with the corresponding heart beat from the person connected to it. We call the people behind the hearts Generators.

This is an evolving piece of synerative art with more expanded experiences adding up.


Each piece comes with:


  • a unique web address (url) containing the composition’s visual theme. It can be streamed in any browser on any digital screen or billboard  in real time.

  • 13 free lifetime licenses to access ​​​​​​​​​​a​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​diem Apple WATCH App. This will allow the Generators to connect their hearts to the compositions.

  • instructions and online ongoing support​​​​​​​​​



You can interact with the Art from two perspectives:


First, as an active Generator, by connecting the heart with the composition 

Secondly, as a visual Contemplator if you are part of the extended audience, watching the screen where the art runs. 

To connect to the composition, Generators should wear an Apple Watch (Series 3 up) and  be engaged in an active session within d i e m App.

The LIVE Art runs on any digital screen, so the Generators could be globally distributed while engaged in a synchronized collective experience. (e.g. watching sunset, meditating, dancing or just “being” ).

The art can be streamed LIVE on any digital screen or billboard to engage with a larger audience we named Contemplators,  while visually broadcasting the deep “vibe” of the Generators experience.


Beyond the aesthetics, Synerative art carries an utilitarian value: it literally radiates harmony and resonance within the audience such as a couple, a family, a team or a community. Each piece is under scientific observation and the findings of how much Resonance each one creates will be published on an evolutive basis.


 Generators. Heart and Visually Connected

As Generators, being accompanied subconsciously with the visual representations of the collective heart vibrations of people with whom interacting, facilitates the emergence of more coherent experiences while expanding the senses for deeper communication. 


   Contemplators. Visually Connected

Being visually exposed to an authentic heart vibrating experience coming from real people’s experiences, models our plastic nervous systems to become more sensitive to the hidden patterns of deep heart communication. Similarly to how people learn english after sufficient watching of TV series, understanding hearts' “subtitles”, subconsciously train ourselves into authentic deep communication.


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