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Concept : Noetic

Visual : Noetic

Production : Noetic

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Adress : Barcelona, Spain

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As we are lighting up our Collective Humanity’s Nervous System the initial collections are honoring the pioneering intentions of the very first people who started to collectively share their hearts as an expanded form of deep communication.

Apparently life on Earth has a common ancestor. Science named it Last Universal Common Ancestor and it is a little younger than the Moon.

Nobody knows what sparkled the first chain reaction. ​ Maybe it was about a form of frequency synchronicity of some molecule strains which was able to maintain itself long and coherently enough to allow other forms of “near life” to pick up the rhythm.



This is a RECORDED collection and has a limited number of 108 LUCA's containing a unique pattern of heart(s) recorded frequencies coming from 108 individuals or collective experiences. We call the people behind the hearts Generators.

First 21 LUCA pieces will be created in partnership with selected Generators and dropped  within the next few months.

From LUCA 22 to LUCA 108 we invite individuals or groups to join in recording and creating their own LUCA's while living a rich experience to be deeply shared with the world.


Each piece comes with:


  • a HD movie up to 60 min long containing the RECORDED heart beat embedded in the selected visual

  • 5 free lifetime licenses to access ​​​​​​​​​​a​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​diem Apple WATCH App. This will allow the Generators to connect their hearts to all upcoming LIVE SynerativeArt compositions.

  • instructions and online ongoing support​​​​​​​​​



You can interact with the Art from two perspectives:


First, as an active Generator, by connecting the heart with the composition 

Secondly, as a visual Contemplator if you are part of the extended audience, watching the screen where the art runs. 

To connect to the composition, Generators should wear an Apple Watch (Series 3 up) and  be engaged in an active session within d i e m App.

The RECORDED Art can be uploaded on any streaming platform (Vimeo, Youtube) and be broadcasted. It can also be trimmed in shorter videos and used as GIFS,APNG in avatars or custom emojis.

The RECORDED art can be played on any digital screen or billboard to engage with a larger audience we named Contemplators,  while visually broadcasting the deep “vibe” of the Generators experience.


Beyond the aesthetics, Synerative art carries an utilitarian value: it literally radiates harmony and resonance within the audience such as a couple, a family, a team or a community. Each piece is under scientific observation and the findings of how much Resonance each one creates will be published on an evolutive basis.


 Generators. Heart and Visually Connected

As Generators, being accompanied subconsciously with the visual representations of the collective heart vibrations of people with whom interacting, facilitates the emergence of more coherent experiences while expanding the senses for deeper communication. 


   Contemplators. Visually Connected

Being visually exposed to an authentic heart vibrating experience coming from real people’s experiences, models our plastic nervous systems to become more sensitive to the hidden patterns of deep heart communication. Similarly to how people learn english after sufficient watching of TV series, understanding hearts' “subtitles”, subconsciously train ourselves into authentic deep communication.


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